Development Workflow

This section describes the steps necessary to build Elyra in a development environment.


Elyra is divided in two parts, a collection of Jupyter Notebook backend extensions, and their respective JupyterLab UI extensions. Our JupyterLab extensions are located in our packages directory.



make clean install

You can check that the notebook server extension was successful installed with:

jupyter serverextension list

You can check that the JupyterLab extension was successful installed with:

jupyter labextension list

Incremental Development

Elyra supports incremental development using --watch. This allows you to make code changes to front-end packages and see them without running make install again.

After installation run the following to watch for code changes and rebuild automatically:

make watch

Then in a separate terminal, using the same Python environment, start JupyterLab in watch mode:

jupyter lab --watch

When in watch mode JupyterLab will watch for changes in the build of each package and rebuild. To see your changes just refresh JupyterLab in your browser.

NOTE: JupyterLab watch mode will not pick up changes in package dependencies like application. So when making changes to application you will need to stop and restart jupyter lab --watch and not just refresh your browser.