Building an Elyra releaseΒΆ

  • Check if there is a need of a kfp-notebook release
    • if necessary, update Elyra to use that new release
  • Update the
  • Run the release script prepare --version 2.0.0 --dev-version 2.1.0 [--rc 0]
  • The artifacts for the new release will then be available at ./build/release/
    • The Elyra folder is the main release
    • The other folders, are the individual extensions packaged as standalone packages
  • Test the release
    • Run multiple scenarios, to make sure each extension is working ok
    • Run the covid-notebook scenario
    • Run the NOAA sample
  • Publish the release publish --version 2.0.0 [--rc 0]
  • Build and publish docker images based on release tag
git pull --rebase
git checkout tags/v2.0.0
make container-image publish-container-image
make airflow-image publish-airflow-image
make kf-notebook-image publish-kf-notebook-image
  • Update dev and latest image tags based on release tag
docker tag elyra/elyra:2.0.0 elyra/elyra:latest && docker push elyra/elyra:latest
docker tag && docker push

docker tag elyra/kf-notebook:2.0.0 elyra/kf-notebook:latest && docker push elyra/kf-notebook:latest
docker tag && docker push

docker tag elyra/airflow:2.0.0 elyra/airflow:latest && docker push elyra/airflow:latest
docker tag && docker push
  • Merge changes for conda-forge