1.0.0 (08/05/2020)

  • Notebook Pipelines visual editor
  • Ability to run notebooks as batch jobs
  • Reusable Code Snippets
  • Hybrid runtime support (based on Jupyter Enterprise Gateway)
  • Python script execution capabilities within the editor
  • Python script navigation using auto-generated outlines using Table of Contents
  • Notebook navigation using auto-generated Table of Contents
  • Notebook versioning based on Git integration
  • Reusable configuration and editor for runtimes
  • JupyterHub Support
  • Ability to try Elyra from Binder
  • Ability to try Elyra locally using Docker

1.0.0rc3 (08/01/2020)

  • Update KFP Notebook to 0.11.0 release
  • Tolerate Notebook 6.1.0 release
  • Add custom Elyra launcher #782
  • Update to Elyra Canvas 9.0.3 #788 #794 #797

1.0.0rc2 (07/25/2020)

  • Update KFP Notebook to 0.10.3 release
  • Remove cos_secure requirement from Runtimes metadata #774
  • Add indicator for invalid node properties #752
  • Add error message on attempt to create circular references #744
  • Migrate to the Elyra Canvas 8.0.32 #758
  • Fix CLI output when no instances and json is requested #764
  • Update notebook node to allow multiple input links #759

1.0.0rc1 (07/15/2020)

  • Update KFP Notebook to 0.10.2 release
  • Disable toolbar buttons on empty pipeline editor #741
  • Remove escape when inserting markdown snippet to markdown file #749
  • Fix code snippet deletion bug #748
  • Allow code editor to be resized #729
  • Add support for metadata instance classes #725
  • Enable CLI JSON output for script consumption #746

1.0.0rc0 (07/08/2020)

  • Rename python-runner to python-editor #721
  • Add support for JupyterLab Dark theme #706
  • Improve dependency management and archive generation #702
  • Properly set pipeline version on new pipelines #698
  • Make pipeline process and export asynchronous #695
  • Use absolute form of export path when exporting pipelines #690
  • Validate pipeline and export submission dialogs #684
  • Create metadata editor #589

Note: Pipeline nodes that currently do not list any dependencies but have ‘Include Subdirectories’ enabled, will not have the intended result. Instead, those node properties must be updated to include ‘*’ in the dependencies list. However, use of ‘*’ with ‘Include Subdirectories’ is not recommended and finer grained dependency lists should be utilized.

Note: With the rename of the python-runner extension, we suggest uninstalling previous versions of Elyra before updating it.